Benefits of Membership

Upcoming change in the membership policy for Section 10: Beginning January 1, 2016, all members will need to formally register via this website and pay a small annual fee of $10. For those who register for both Division 12 and Section 10 at the same time (, the Section fee will be reduced to $5. If you have already registered for or renewed your Division 12 membership, you may select the discounted Section fee when you submit your payment below. While we wish we could continue to operate without membership dues, this nominal fee is critical to our ability to sustain the Section going forward.

We hope that you will consider the many benefits of Section membership as you decide whether to renew:

► Mentorship: participate as a mentor or a mentee in our membership program

► Awards: apply for cash prize competitions for best poster and best paper presentation at the annual APA convention

► Convention programming: attend symposia we have designed specifically for graduate students and early career psychologists

► Internship resources: tap into our network of early career psychologists who have recently completed internships across the country, via an internship database and interview question bank that are currently in development

► Publications: gain a publication by contributing a brief article to our blog, and enjoy reading what others have published on issues relevant to you

► List serv: obtain access to announcements that advertise professional opportunities

► Leadership: run for a position on the Board or pilot a new project

We value your participation in the Section and welcome new ideas about how to improve. Please share your suggestions with us directly in the registration form or contact Communications Chair Michelle Blose at Remember to register as soon as possible, as our listserv announcements will soon be sent only to paid members.

Instructions for How to Become a Member of Section 10

How To Become A Member
Step 1: Submit your payment here
Select the Membership Type from the drop-down menu.
Then, on PayPal, you have to type in the amount in the “Item Price” box for the membership type you choose. Therefore, if you select New Member, you will type 10.00 in the “Item Price” box. If you select Current D12 Member, you will type 5.00 in the “Item Price” box.

Membership Type

Please email our treasurer Yue Yu, M.S. ( with any questions regarding registration payment.

Step 2: Complete our brief registration form.

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