Making Section 10 Your Professional Home

Making Section 10 Your Professional Home

Alexandra Greenfield, M.S.
Section 10 President

As you begin to work toward your resolutions for 2016, joining a professional organization is one of the best ways to further your goals as a graduate student or early career psychologist (ECP). We hope that you will choose to join or renew your membership with Section 10 so we can help provide opportunities to advance your career.

Members of Section 10 join a growing community that you can leverage for support and networking. Our mentorship program connects graduate student mentees with specifically matched ECP mentors to provide personalized guidance. Mentees benefit from the advice of a recent graduate, while ECPs have the chance to build their mentoring skills and bolster their CVs. In addition, our listserv and blog are venues for members to share perspectives and discuss important topics in the field. The Board is then able to represent these interests to Division 12 and APA at large. We are also developing a database of members who have recently completed pre-doctoral internships across the country, so that students in the application process can contact ECPs who have been trained at their sites of interest.

Beyond the perks of professional networking, Section 10 is an excellent source of training opportunities and job leads. Each year, we host symposia at APA’s Annual Convention that are specifically designed for graduate students and ECPs. Our 2016 programming includes a panel entitled “How to Master the Internship Process.” Presenters will be internship training directors from various settings, a past-chair of APPIC, and a Ph.D. student who is currently completing internship at her top-ranked site. We will also be co-hosting a symposium with the student committee of Division 46 (Media Psychology), entitled “The Innovative and Controversial Impact of Technology on the Field of Psychology.” We are excited to announce that we are currently planning to launch a Section 10 podcast so that we can deliver additional training content to you throughout the year!

While you enjoy the many benefits of Section 10, it will also serve as an excellent supplement to your CV.  Your membership conveys to potential employers that you are involved and committed to the field of psychology. You can take this a step further by applying for a leadership position or piloting a new project.

As always, please contact us with any suggestions you have to improve our Section. We hope you will take advantage of the professional home we have built and will strengthen our community with your involvement.

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