Message from the President

Message from the President-Elect

Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D.

Welcome to Division 12, Section 10, Graduate Students and Early Career Psychologists.

We recently wrapped up an exciting time of year with the APA convention in August. Section 10 sponsored two sessions this year. The first session, From First Year to Early Career – An Integrative Approach to Navigating Predoctoral Internship, featured a panel of experts who provided attendees information on the internship process, including what happens after internship. The second session, Research in Graduate School – Why and How Should I Get Involved, offered attendees the opportunity to learn about the various ways to become involved in research during graduate school, how to overcome barriers to research activities, and ways research can prepare students to pursue certain career paths. There was great attendance for each of these sessions, and we hope to see more of you at Section 10 sponsored APA sessions next year in Toronto! Stay tuned for information regarding what we will be offering, and please let us know if you have ideas for sessions!

Also, Section 10 leadership invites you, if you are not already, to become a member of Division 12, Section 10. When you join now, it is free until 2015! As a member of Section 10 you will become eligible to participate in our mentorship program, to enter the annual APA Section 10 poster and paper competition, to access listserv announcements regarding professional opportunities, and more (please visit for more information). Moreover, we welcome and encourage new membership in order to know how to best serve graduate students and early career psychologists. At these early stages in our careers we are often reminded to be our own best advocates, and of our responsibility to positively shape the future of our field. Within Section 10 we can connect with other like-minded, budding professionals to make our voices heard, network, and work toward our goals. Section 10 leadership looks forward to serving your interests and hearing from you!

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